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Simulations Products

You will find links to the different SLICS products on this page.

KiDS-450 mock source catalogues (150 Gb)

KiDS-450-denser mock source catalogue (229 Gb)

KiDS-450 kappa maps (1.1 Tb)

KiDS-450 at data location (78 Gb)

KiDS-like HOD (47 Gb)

CMASS-like mock lens catalogues (0.6 Gb)

LOWZ-like mock lens catalogues (0.3 Gb)

GAMA-like mock lens catalogues (7.9 Gb)

LSST-like mock source catalogues (458 Gb)

LSST-like HOD (129 Gb)

CMB lensing kappa maps (183 Gb)

Planck-like lensing kappa maps (7.4 Gb)

The following SLICS products can be obtained upon request:

Dark matter haloes

Shear maps (12 Tb)

Mass maps (4 Tb)

All these products can be obtained by right-clicking on the file names, or via 'wget' commands.
Given the large number of files in this simulation release, 'wget' is probably better suited
for large downloads. See an example here.